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Kruthi Art Of Baking

Vegan Bakes

Vegan Bakes

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Vegan bakes
By guest chef Kritya Chowatia
Chef Lavanya V Kotha

  • Eligibility: To know the basics of baking.
  • Online professionally prerecorded workshop.
  • Lifetime access.

What you will learn in this course:

• Decadent vegan chocolate mousse cups
• Vegan milk chocolate brownie
•Cashew crunch cookies
•Chocolate almond crisps
•Coconut Oatmeal bites
•Fudgy Brownie cookie
•Hazelnut butter
•Vegan cookie dough truffles
•Vegan maple and pecan cupcakes with vegan frosting
•Vegan Peach and blueberry tart
•Nutella donuts

Vegan Cakes
•Vegan Fruit Gateaux
•vegan Checkerboard Celebration cake
•Chocolate mousse cake

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