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Kruthi Art Of Baking

Professional Chocolatier Entrepreneurship Program

Professional Chocolatier Entrepreneurship Program

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Professional Chocolatier Entrepreneurship Program


Be a chocolatier out of passion or start commercially. Master the art of chocolates and confections.

This is a one-week-long intensive course to get you started with the business. The most coveted areas of sales are international bonbons, panned nuts, Pralines, brittles, Caramels, fudges, open and fast-moving consumer confections.

This course focuses on all the above-mentioned areas.

Detailed Curriculum:

*Module 1*

  1. Understanding the process of how chocolate is manufactured, regional impacts, and taste precursors.
  2. Chocolate vs compounds and fats in practice.
  3. Tempering in detail with various methods. Polymorphism of cocoa butter and important temperature zone.
  4. Crystallization of ganaches.
  5. Types and temperature zones for ganaches.
  6. Shelling and locking (according to international standards)
  7. Learn to deal with common problems like sweating and storage issues. Also, talk about more common issues faced while working.
  8. Recipes for bonbons and open-ended chocolates

*Module 2*

  1. Producing artisan chocolates.
  2. Learn to increase the shelf life of ganache up to 4 weeks.
  3. Professional finishing techniques – right from making shells and locking them.
  4. Use of texture sheets and transfer sheets, correct procedures of their usage.
  5. Spraying techniques with colored cocoa (understanding proportions and temperatures for spray).
  6. Molding and enrobing techniques.
  7. Home and commercial production processes.
  8. Recipes for pralines, bonbons, caramels, fudges, and pate de fruit. Best of Swiss and French recipes.

*Module 3*

  1. Crystalline and non-crystalline confections.
  2. Toffee, taffy, caramels, and brittles.
  3. Advance fudges with the crystalline method.
  4. Hard candy.
  5. Aerated confections.
  6. Jellies

*Module 4*

  1. Pralines.
  2. Nut pastes.
  3. Gianduja and nut centers

*Module 5*


  • Chocolate coating on hard centers e.g. Nuts (we will pan almonds and hazelnuts).
  • Chocolate coating on soft centers e.g. berries (we will do cranberry or blueberry).
  • Import factors and temperature zones.
  • How to create perfect precoat on nuts and soft centers.
  • The correct consistency of tempered chocolate.
  • Importance of room temperature and humidity factors.
  • How to make colorful coats.
  • Glazing or rustic look- A discussion.
  • Polishing.
  • Pricing and costing.
  • Packaging ideas.

*Module 6*

  • Pricing, margins, and costing.
  • Vendor lists.
  • Licenses and other business readiness checklists.
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