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Kruthi Art Of Baking

Personalised Beginners Baking Workshop

Personalised Beginners Baking Workshop

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Personalized Beginners Baking Workshop

Date: March 23rd & 24th
Time :

⭐Cakes & Gateaux

What you get to learn in this course:

Science of Eggfree Baking.
Making perfect recipes from scratch.
Torte, fill, Layer & finish cakes to perfection.
learn to handle whipping cream.
You get to make your own cakes individually
🍰Tropical Fruit Gateaux
🍰Chocolate Truffle frosted Gateaux
🍰Classic Red Velvet Gateaux

Make all 3 cakes yourself and you get to take home full cakes.

⭐Cupcakes & muffins

What you will learn in this course:

How to make perfect cupcakes.
How to handle cream for the frosting.
Varieties of sponges.
Flavored frosting of different varieties.
🧁Classic vanilla cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting.
🧁Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate swirl.
🧁Blueberry cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting.
🧁Lime coconut cupcakes with classic buttercream.
🧁Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.
🧁Berry Granola Muffin.
🧁Oats & Chocochip Muffin.
🧁Chocolava Cupcake

⭐Brownies & Brookies

What you get to learn in this course:
* Classic Walnut Chocolate Brownie
* Red velvet swirl Brownie
* Mango pistachio Blondie
* Nutella swirl
* Cookie dough Brookie
* Oreo Brookie

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