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Kruthi Art Of Baking

Indian Butter Cream Master Class

Indian Butter Cream Master Class

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Indian buttercream master class


Tutor: Cake Prince Praneet

Indian Buttercream
Weatherproof Indian Buttercream


•Cherry blossom cake (Hands-on)
•Buttercream cake using molds (Using silicone Moulds) (Semi-hands)

Techniques Included:

•Straight sides and clean tops on cakes
•Indian buttercream palette knife technique
•Coloring buttercream
•Changing consistencies
•Seamless filling, stacking, and crumb coating
•Structure tall cakes
•Stable Cake designs
•How to use temperatures to your advantage
•Piping Bag Ninja hack
•How to get clean & flat tops in 30 seconds

Additional lessons
How to stand out in the industry
Creating a process of efficiency
Mixing and matching techniques
Science behind buttercream
Everything you need to know about achieving clean results
Conversation about Marketing
Personal Instagram Page feedback
Additional Resources:
Whatsapp sup[port 1 month
Whatsapp Community
Detailed Pdf Guide book
Pdf Recipes
Pre-recorded eggless cake video and Buttercream video

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