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Choux Au Craquelin

Choux Au Craquelin

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Choux au craquelin

Pâté a Choux is a light dough made out of cooked flour, butter, water, and eggs.
The French name Pâté a Choux (pronounced as pot-a-choo) means cabbage paste, referring to the resemblance of a cream puff to little.

Learn this beautiful looking light EGG FREE pastry with chef Lavanya V Kotha

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Video: Pre-recorded, accessible for a lifetime!

Things you’ll be learning:

•Theory of Choux & Eclair
•Perfecting this Eggfree delicacy
•Various flavor combinations
•Differences between Choux, profiteroles, eclair, cream bun, crullers, St.Honore.

•Strawberry Choux with cheese filling
•Activated charcoal Choux with vanilla bean diplomat

•Caramel Eclair with salted caramel cremaux
•Spice chocolate Berry eclair

•Garlic herb crullers (savory)
•Berry Shortbread crullers

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