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Kruthi Art Of Baking

Chocolates bonbons

Chocolates bonbons

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2-Day Complete Chocolate Workshop

Purpose: To launch your business perfectly.

- Complete hands-on course
- Comprehensive module on pricing, costing, and running your business
- Covers all areas of expertise
- Thorough testing through quick exam methodology to ensure understanding
- Evaluation & certification by the Academy at course completion

- Tempering in-depth, various methods in detail
- Basic molded pieces to advance designer/artisan chocolates, bonbons
- International French and Swiss recipes
- Use of texture and transfer sheets and advanced methods
- Rolled and filled truffles
- Ganache: advance crystallization, filled and rolled ganaches
- Caramels: set and filled caramels. Different types and applications
- Hard candies and working with pralines
- Sauces and spreads
- Fudges: cooked and no-cook methods
- Open chocolates: barks, mendiants, Florentine, and more
- Costing, budgeting, and planning
- Shelf life, storage, and transportation
- Learn to make center fills with flavor pairing
- Caramel bars
- Praline fills
- Textures & Presentation
 The course includes:
- Aprons
- Study material
- Practical material

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