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‘Kruthi –Art of Baking’ a brainchild of Lavanya V Kotha; is a premium institute nurturing amateurs to professional bakers since 2008. ‘Kruthi’ has been setting the standard of excellence in professional baking education, positioning itself as one amongst the best institutes in Bangalore.

The faculty and staff are experts in their field as professionals, consultants, and educators. Students receive an extraordinary amount of hands-on, "real world" experience with the latest baking equipment and technology, along with an understanding of artisan baking techniques and values.    

Kruthi offers – Complete Vegetarian courses, a variety of specialization and certification courses, Long term and short term programs, online classes catering to the need of students.

If you’re looking for a deep and thorough understanding of what it takes to be a successful baker,

“Kruthi Art of Baking” is the place for you!

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Boutique Style Eggless Pastries
Fusion Tarts
Boutique Style Eggless Pastries
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Icecream Popsicles
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Meet our Chefs

Rakesh Saini


Rakesh Saini, is a chocolatier and sugar artist by profession .  A Master chocolatier, certified “bean to bar” maker and “Master of chocolate flavors” from the Ecole School of Chocolate in California, He is also trained at prestigious Felchin academy in Switzerland and award winning chocolatiers from Australia. His expertise lies in bean to bar, blending chocolate and flavors. 

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Lavanya V Kotha

Lavanya V Kotha a renowned cake artist, patissier, consultant, freelance baker specialised in egg free and gelatin free bakes. As a freelance baker, she has won accolades in developing recipes and mastering the art of cake decorations. A creative genius who has mesmerised the world of baking with her touch of elegance and style.

A preceptor in developing skills of budding bakers and streaming their paths to success through “Kruthi Art of Baking”

Rachana Aggarwal


Rachna Aggarwal (New Delhi) is a bakery and confectionary professional, expert in eggless baking, a specialist in sugar crafting and wedding cake. A skillful trainer with years of experience in baking art. Mastered the skill from international institutes. Widely appreciated by her students on teaching techniques.



What Students' Say

Zulekha Memon Dubai
Jyothi Shroff
Shrunkala sharma
Sneha Ahuja
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Meet Our Chefs


Lavanya V Kotha, the visionary behind Kruthi Art of Baking, stands as a distinguished cake artist, pâtissier, and consultant, celebrated for her mastery in creating delectable egg-free and gelatin-free delights. With a remarkable history as a freelance baker, she has garnered recognition for her innovative recipe development and exquisite cake decorations. A true creative force, Lavanya has left an indelible mark on the baking community with her creative and stylish approach. Through her brainchild, "Kruthi Art of Baking," she not only showcases her talents but also serves as a mentor, nurturing the skills of aspiring bakers and guiding them toward a path of success.

Rakesh Saini

Rakesh Saini is a distinguished chocolatier and sugar artist, dedicated to his craft. Holding the esteemed title of Master Chocolatier, he is certified as a "bean to bar" maker and recognized as a "Master of Chocolate Flavors" by the Ecole School of Chocolate in California. His extensive training includes prestigious programs at the Felchin Academy in Switzerland and under award-winning chocolatiers in Australia. Rakesh's expertise shines in the intricate processes of bean-to-bar chocolate making, skillful blending of chocolates, and mastering an array of delightful flavors.

Rachana Aggarwal

Hailing from New Delhi, Rachna Aggarwal is a seasoned bakery and confectionery professional, specializing in the art of eggless baking. Her expertise extends to intricate sugar crafting and the creation of exquisite wedding cakes. As a skilled trainer with years of hands-on experience in the baking craft, Rachna has honed her mastery through training at prestigious international institutes. Her teaching techniques have garnered widespread appreciation from students, highlighting her commitment to imparting valuable skills in the realm of baking.

What Students Say